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'Music helps your mind' | Houston 5th grader goes viral on social media for playing piano

He prefers to freestyle or play gospel music, which is part of his musical roots.

HOUSTON — A fifth-grader from Houston's 5th Ward is going viral for his musical talent. 

Traevon Narcisse's video, which shows him playing the piano with incredible skill and passion, has already garnered millions of views across social media platforms.

"I'm surprised because I never knew this day would come, I knew it would come but not as early," said Traevon.

He prefers to freestyle or play gospel music, which is part of his musical roots.

"It all started in the church because I grew up in the same church that I learned how to play music in," he said. 

Traevon's musical journey began when he was just two years old when he started playing the drums. 

Six months ago, a family member gave him his first piano. He's self-taught, although credits people at his church for helping him. 


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Traevon says he wants to be a musician, own a studio, tour the world and meet Chris Brown.

"Music helps your mind and it soothes you," he said. 

Now, Traevon is getting noticed by celebrities like producer Tay Keith, who is sending him a new computer, piano and speakers, so he can continue to make music. 

Laura Coleman, the creative director at the American Music Academy in Houston, says Traevon's future is bright.

"The way that he moves with the music, you can tell that it really is ingrained in him, which is something that's really exciting to see in someone that young," she said.

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