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LL Cool J attempts to reach out to troubled actress Maia Campbell

The rapper and TV show host attempted to reach out to the troubled actress after video surfaced of her acting erratically at a gas station that was allegedly in Georgia. 

In the House / NBC

According to recent videos and reports on social media, the rapper and actor LL Cool J is attempting to reach out to and help a troubled former In the House co-star.

Maia Campbell, well known for her role as Tiffany in In the House and Nicole in South Central, was recently seen in a Youtube video that has surfaced of the actress acting erratically at a gas station, allegedly in Georgia.


After that video, former co-star LL Cool J Tweeted out this response:

After a video of #maiacampbell surfaced last week, #llcoolj wants to help. #blesshim

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However, Campbell recently released another video on Youtube refusing help from LL Cool J. Stating that she's "good" and that she's "doing property investments" and that she's "a real serious person."

And in response to the video being released by Campbell, LL Cool J Tweeted:

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