All their life, they've been po' but now, the rap group Nappy Roots is living the high life and they're even starting a new business venture that will have hipsters rejoicing - craft beer.

Celebrities are always expanding their brand, whether it's makeup, like Rihanna or cookbooks, like Chrissy Teigen.

But how often do you see a hip-hop group take on the brewery industry and create their own craft beer? The Grammy-nominated group spoke with 11Alive about their newest product.

"As we toured, we began visiting breweries all over the country about four years and we just caught the bug from that," said Fish Scales, whose real name is Melvin Adams, Jr., of Milledgeville, Georgia.

The group's company is affectionately named "Atlantucky" and they're teaming up with Monday Night Brewing Company to expand their growing craft beer brand.

"Started making our own beer. We made about 10 or 11 on our own at our own brewery, Atlantucky," said William Hughes, known better as Skinny DeVille.

They have a total of four beers and will be launching two for the month of May: "Watermelon, Chiquen & Gritz" and "The Humdinger".

Both beers are named after previous albums.

"It's unusual for a hip-hop group to pursue opportunities in the craft beer business, but it's our passion and a great way for our followers to more deeply connect with the Nappy Roots brand," said Fish Scales.

"We've been developing taste profiles at our own micro brew and are pumped to share two of our favorites with the public."

Front Porch Pale Ale was the group’s first foray into the craft beer market with a partnership with Monday Night Brewing in 2017. The Front Porch Pale Ale reflects a name and taste profile designed to appeal to their rural America band fans.

Nappy Roots, the brand and the band, are primed to connect sponsors and partners to millions of these small town consumers. In fact, the band’s hit from 2017, "Superstar," is the official song of NASCAR’s 2018 advertising campaign.

The group is also in the initial stages of developing a reality show that will follow the band as they visit craft breweries in the market they perform.