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Where to find this Rick And Morty sculpture in Atlanta

People can pose with the immersive build as part of the global treasure hunt.

ATLANTA — Rick and Morty are sending fans on a global scavenger hunt with its WORMAGEDDON experience making a stop in Atlanta.

For those with an urge to shout wubba lubba dub-dub can head to Atlanta's State Farm Arena where a token of the popular Adult Swim show will sit for a limited time. Event organizers unveiled the fan experience Thursday to help promote its new season.

Characters Glootie and Gene from the hit animated series "Rick and Morty" pose with a sculpture rendition of famed commercial icon "Jake from State Farm." The characters are part of a network of captivating builds revealed during this treasure hunt. As a nod to State Farm, the characters assist a driver after a mishap with his vehicle. People can snap a photo with the sculpture between 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. until Sept. 5. 

The custom builds in Atlanta and Mexico City were revealed to fans immediately, while scenes in Malibu, The Netherlands and Pittsburgh were part of the ongoing global treasure hunt that started Monday. People can track the hunt via RickandMorty.com, to help unlock clues and discover nine hidden builds. The first fan to find each hidden location in person is rewarded on the spot with a life-size golden “Rick” head, according to the masterminds behind the treasure hunt.

“It’s so incredible to bring both our fans and our sponsors into this immersive Rick and Morty living episode. Who but Adult Swim could dream up a global treasure hunt that includes invading space worm aliens and State Farm?” Tricia Melton, chief marketing officer for Warner Bros. said in a news release.

Adult Swim also debuted a series of custom animated shorts about the origins of this dangerous alien invasion, including [A Citadel Secret], [A Journey to Earth], and [Threat Level: Wormageddon].

Fans can get details and rules on how to participate in the global treasure hunt here.


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