The all-star cast of Murder on the Orient Express spent most of their time filming aboard a replica of the famous train that didn’t move beyond the studio lot.

But in real life, they travel often – and have plenty of opinions about their preferences and pet peeves.

Kenneth Branagh never travels without a pen and notebook.

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The cast was split about reading versus listening to music. Tom Bateman does both, but has a ritual about putting on his headphones.

"I listen to music when I take off and land,” he said. “I quite like looking out the window and listening to things. It makes me feel like I'm in my own movie."

Michelle Pfeiffer said she’s a fairly relaxed traveler, save for one thing.

"I don't like it when people - although I've been guilty of it - when they get on the plane and they're seriously sick and they're coughing behind you, because I get sick every time,” she said.

Lucy Boynton gets annoyed by what she calls “the armrest battle.”

"Seat leaners,” she said. “People who are just comfortable to lean against you."

Josh Gad can’t stand passengers who jostle his seat.

"Anytime someone kicks my chair, when they put their feet back,” he said. “Or, they could gently take their tray table down but instead they go (crazy.)”

Murder on the Orient Express is rated PG-13 and opens November 10.