'Atlanta & Company' recently welcomed tech guru Katie Linendoll to the show, just in time for the holidays! Get a few of her top gift ideas below.

Linendoll is an Emmy Award-winning tech expert and her annual gift guide can be found at www.katie.gifts.

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  • Simon Optix
  • FurReal Max Proto Pup
  • Polaroid Pop
  • eMotion motorized Umbrella
  • Beasts of Balance

SIMON OPTIX, $19.99, target.com

Remember the classic Simon game where you follow the lights and sounds and then repeat? Well, Simon just got a cool upgrade – now it’s a wearable headset. Follow the lights and sounds, just like in the old game, but now you see and hear through the headset. Play solo or compete in a group – it’s fun when the intensity builds, and the sequences get longer and longer.

FURREAL PROTO PUP, $119.99, amazon.com

This clever toy allows children to enjoy and participate in the experience of having a pet—virtually. Load batteries and the pup starts to interact right out of the box. Parents, it is just an eight-step construction process and not overly complex. Once assembled, download the app to encourage children to problem solve and use their imagination. Kids can code a customized pet with 400+ sounds, 100+ eye animations, and even teach their pup special routines and tricks.

POLAROID POP, starting at $199.99, amazon.com

Just in time for the holidays, the new Polaroid Pop is the perfect blend of retro and everything you'd expect from a modern, digital camera. You can point, shoot and then immediately print a photo in the classic Polaroid size, with the distinctive white border. And you can print any pics you have on your smartphone too! Pop includes features like a 20 megapixel camera, an LCD touchscreen, HD video capacity and six hip colors to choose from. You can even get creative with the Polaroid Pop app to add text, borders, fun stickers and more!

MOTORIZED UMBRELLA, $99, shedrain.com

Ever try walking out of the airport with two bags and a coffee, and then try to get your umbrella open? Now with the mere push of a button, this motorized umbrella is the first of its kind to both open and close completely at your command.

BEASTS OF BALANCE, $99.95, amazon.com

We sat at the kitchen table playing this game together for hours. It’s like augmented reality meets Jenga. Players gently stack a variety of animals and elements from a warthog and an eagle to fire and air, but be careful not to knock down the pile. With the interactive app, as you strategically stack, you also learn about the crazy new species that you created. This game is innovative, as it mixes both the physical and the digital worlds, and now you can even play it on Apple TV!