Owning your own vacation home!

VRBO's Melanie Fish shared ways to MAKE money by owning a second home on 'Atlanta & Company'.

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Happy Travel Tuesday! Get vacation rental tips with VRBO.

Go to VRBO.com/earn and type in an address, any address. That Earn tool will compare that address to actual VRBO data on other vacation rental homes of similar size in the area and give you a number -- an estimate of how much you could potentially earn in annual rental income. In this case, it’s a 3-bedroom home in Panama City Beach, Florida, and it looks like the earn potential on this house is between $30,000 - $40,000 per year.

13300 Hibiscus St, Panama City Beach, FL, 32407, US


Where are some good places for people living in Georgia to invest?

Lake Lanier, GA

Distance from Atlanta: 1 hour drive

Listing: http://vrbo.co/490163

Annual Earning Potential: $23,000 - $34,000

Atlanta (Super Bowl rental home)

Location: Midtown Atlanta

Listing: http://vrbo.co/7248819

Super Bowl night rate: $5,000