ATLANTA — More film and television studios in Georgia are reacting to Governor Brian Kemp’s highly-controversial LIFE Act, also known as the "heartbeat bill" that was recently signed into law.

One Georgia production team, who happens to be a married couple, are taking a stand by donating a portion of the profits of their upcoming movie against the new bill.

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Jason and Heather Devan are the team behind, “ALONG CAME THE DEVIL,” a horror movie that was shot in the Atlanta area.

The couple sent the following statement to The A-Scene:

“We stand behind the women of Georgia and their fundamental right to choose. As we come to a close to our production of ALONG CAME THE DEVIL 2, we want to show our support by donating a portion of the proceeds from the film to ACLU of Georgia and Fair Fight Georgia. Georgia is our home state. We have built a loving family here with our 3 kids along with our extended family - our hardworking and dedicated production crew. Together - we unite to fight this injustice.”

Following the success of the original film, last week Jason and Heather kicked off production for the sequel in the metro Atlanta area and Flowery Branch in Hall County.

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Jason who co-wrote the film with Heather is the director of the sequel.

The A-Scene got an exclusive look at some of the behind the scenes in Decatur.

“Along Came The Devil 2" will star Academy Award nominated actor Bruce Davidson (X-Men), Laura Wiggins (Showtime’s “Shameless”), Mark Ashworth (Magnificent Seven) and Tiffany Fallon (Christmas in the Heartland).

The film is expected to be released in the fall.