ATLANTA — If you’re curious of what life would be like if you had another spouse? Well, this may be the casting call for you.

Paramount’s “Wife Swap” is looking for new families to appear in an episode for  the next season.

Here are the details that producers sent The A-Scene:

The Paramount Network wants to find unique families from Georgia to appear on Season 2 of their popular show.

We are looking for families that are amazing, unique, uncommon, one of a kind, have their own way of doing things, enjoy a weird hobby, are fanatics about something, have interesting rules for their household or are just plain crazy!

Families that appear on the show receive $10,000!

The first person to nominate a specific family via our online nomination form will receive $1000 if that family appears on the show!

Any families that are interested can apply online at:, email or call me 818-666-3606 for more details.

In order to officially nominate a family the online nomination form at must be completed (please enter “Russell” when asked how you heard about the show).

Earlier this summer, producers began a search for families in the area. 

If you get picked, don’t forget to let The A-Scene know in our Facebook group!


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