ATLANTA — Atlanta is becoming home for productions building all kinds of post-apocalyptic sets for various film and TV projects.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” turns the streets of Senoia, Georgia into a zombie war zone. “Avengers : End-Game” transformed Midtown by flipping cars upside for a united super hero rescue.

"The Tomorrow War,” starring Chris Pratt, is the latest upcoming project currently filming in Atlanta that will take viewers to a post-apocalyptic era.

People who have been following production for weeks will remember that "Ghost Draft" was the original working title for "The Tomorrow War."

Pratt, who has spent several weeks in Atlanta working on the movie, broke his silence on Instagram about being an executive producer.

“This is my first time executive producing on a movie! And I can finally post about it!!! The title “Ghostdraft,” turned out to be problematic for various reasons so we started looking at other options,” he wrote.

The black and white photo he shared with the caption shows Pratt alongside some of his ghost army.

He didn’t tag the actors in the photograph, but some of the cast members listed on IMDb include Yvonee Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, and Keith Powers.

Production for the Chris McKay-directed film in Atlanta began early September under the basecamp sign “Boneyard.” Some of the filming locations around town include Midtown and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Some scenes for the upcoming movie are being filmed at Blackhall Studios in DeKalb County.

Pratt also revealed that some of the working titles for the movie that didn’t make the cut.

“World War A,” “Generation Alien” and “Jurassic Draft” were some of the obvious “no’s” for the movie.

"The Tomorrow War" will be released nationwide Dec. 25, 2020.


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