Production for the sequel to Eddie Murphy’s classic comedy film “Coming to America” is in full swing throughout several parts of Georgia.

Notable cast members from the original movie, including Arsenio Hall, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Louie Anderson, and John Amos are reprising their roles.

Amos is set to return as Cleo McDowell, the owner of McDowell’s, a spoof of McDonald’s.

The woman who played his daughter Lisa McDowell, actress Shari Headly, is also returning. James Earl Jones and Paul Bates are also reprising their roles.

Central Casting is one of the companies in charge of finding new talent to be in the movie. They recently put out a casting call seeking bodybuilder types for the role of a manservant.

The QUEST*** Work Date: FRIDAY 9/13/19 Fitting: THURSDAY 9/12/19 (*MUST be able to attend this fitting on this date!) Rate: HIGHER RATE - Featured Location: Atlanta, GA MANSERVANT: Men who...

Here is what casting producers are looking for:

  1. Men who can portray AFRICAN, able to portray age range 20-40, muscular, extremely fit, BODYBUILDER types (see photo for reference).
  2. Would need to also be comfortable holding your breath underwater during takes. No Facial hair, prefer. No visible tattoos.
  3. Natural hair colors and styles.
  4. Work Date: FRIDAY 9/13/19
    Fitting: THURSDAY 9/12/19 (*MUST be able to attend this fitting on this date!)
  5. If this is you please submit a clear photo(s), name, number height, weight and sizes to QUEST@CENTRALCASTING.COM

“Coming 2 America: Quest” will feature Murphy again and it will center around his character Prince Akeem.

In the sequel, he returns to the states to find his long-lost son in America so he can take the throne.

Hip-Hop mogul Rick Ross revealed scenes for the movie are taking place at this South Fulton county mansion.

Here is how you can spot some of the action in your neighborhood.

Eddie Murphy's 1988 hit grossed nearly $300 million at the worldwide box office. The sequel is expected to hit theaters Aug. 7, 2020.


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