So, we know Atlanta is making its mark as the world’s top destination for producing movies and TV shows with a nearly $10 billion industry we're doing something right.

But now it seems shows are moving their productions from Los Angeles and New York to here instead like ‘Divorce Court’ who just moved their 20th season to Tyler Perry Studios and the A-Scene got a look inside.

It’s the longest-running court room show on television helping couples duke it out since 1957.

You actually said - I don't love you,” Judge Lynn Toller said.

“I love your money? Yes, I did," a contestant said.

But like Judge Lynn Toller tells couples on the show, sometimes a little change is good and when your show enters its 20th season— it may need an even better location.

“Atlanta! How did that happen and why did that happen,” the A-Scene’s Francesca Amiker asked.

“I’m not sure how it happened or why it happened but I’m glad it happened! I ran into so many cool people. I got to meet Kat Williams, my son ran into TI. I saw Tyler Perry, so it’s been a blast,” Toller said.

And it’s not just the stars! She loves our workforce as well.

“Everybody has capacity. One guy was doing this and next thing you know he was my photographer,” Toller said.

On a typical day, her show's crew shoots 10 episodes and she set aside a mere 16 shooting days a year over six trips for an entire season.

The show also employs dozens including her new bailiff Nick Barotta.

“Every show we taped I catch myself leaning in and listening because something new, whether it’s just a one-liner that she throws at you, she’s just the best at what she does,” Barotta said.

“What’s going to be different about the 20th season? I feel freed up. We stay true to their relationships into the judgment, but we also expanded it to embrace all of humanity has it exist now,” Toller said.

Judge Lynn Toller said she lost her mind when she went pass “The Walking Dead” set at Tyler Perry Studios and she also loves our southern cuisine.

Filming for “Divorce Court” wraps this weekend. We can’t wait to find out if season 21 gets picked up!

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