ATLANTA — The Women of Film in Georgia are petitioning against Governor Kemp's  “heartbeat” bill , joining the list of many organizations and studios who are fighting to keep the state's booming entertainment industry alive.

“Many of us made career choices that allowed us to stay here where we had built a community, a family, a home,” the petition said. “We are women of all faiths and colors, from all kinds of backgrounds. We are the backbone of this industry and we do not take what is happening here, or around the country, or around the world, lightly.”

The petition has already received more than 3,400 signatures and calls for the support of media companies. The bill will take effect next year and makes it illegal for an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. This can be found as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

“Your condemnation is understandable, but what we really need most is allies. Change is coming. Your support and encouragement is appreciated, however you can give it,” the statement said.

Disney and Netflix are among more than half a dozen film and media companies that have already threatened to relocate productions outside the state. The film industry is responsible for more than 92,000 jobs in Georgia.

The petition also reflects on the 2018 gubernatorial race, where former democratic candidate Stacey Abrams lost by a margin of 1.4 percentage points.

“Many of us worked hard to elect a government that respects our judgment and competency as women to make the very personal choices that govern our lives,” the petition said. “It has been discouraging and heartbreaking to come so close to electing the representation we deserve, only to be dragged back decades.”

The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, a nonprofit advocacy organization in Atlanta, has also been critical of media companies relocating productions from the state.

“Dear everyone outside GA concerned about our abortion ban, We have amazing local nonprofits leading the work to fight this.We don't need your boycotts cutting the precious few resources we have.We need your support.We need your time & $. Armchair activism won't save us. #NoHB481,” the organization’s tweet said.