Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the south, and “Stranger Things”, one of our city’s most known shows is up for multiple Emmy awards this year.

So 11Alive’s very own Lindsey Bayse jumped in on a tour to see some of the most iconic locations in the show in real life.

The Stranger Things tour includes a stop at Hawkins Labs, the neighborhood where the boys’ houses are and Barb’s house is, the Hawkins Middle School, we swing by the studio where they film,” Chris Skeene of DTours Tour Guide said.

The small group tour also stops in Jackson, Georgia, the fictional town of Hawkins.

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“It’s actually so much more than I imagined, because we get to see everything, instead of just the shots that they would take for the show," Kathy Chau tour member, Stranger Things fan said.

“I get excited when people get excited. I love when people are just jumping out of their skin because it feels like you’re stepping into the world in real life. When you see something like Hawkins Middle School behind you, it feels like you’re really there,” Skeene said.

“My favorite stop on the tour was the Hawkins Lab, just because it literally made my skin crawl as soon as I got out, just thinking about what goes down there and I had to realize that this was just a movie,” Reid Childers recalled.

And when we asked these fans if they thought the show would take home an Emmy on Monday.

“I think so. I hope so,” Reid Childers said.

“We would hope so, for the sake of the fans, please,” Kathy Chau said.

Now in its third year of business, DTours does small group tours for 2-6 people including tours for “ Stranger Things”, “Walking Dead”.

The owner takes pride in offering a unique fan experience.

“Anything from history, street art, to movie and tv locations, and we can customize it into whatever someone’s into,” Skeene said.

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