ATLANTA — Admit it - you’ve always been hit with just a hint of curiosity of what it would be like to be slimed by that ooey, gooey, green slime made famous by Nickelodeon. 

Over the years, celebrities and several other big names from the entertainment brand for kids have been blasted with the slime.

Now, you have a chance to experience the iconic green goo at Nickelodeon’s “Slime City,” the brand’s first-ever pop-up experience dedicated to all things slime.

The pop-up opens in Buckhead on Saturday, June 15, and runs through September. Fans will have the opportunity to create their own gooey slime concoction and receive Nickelodeon’s ultimate honor – getting slimed!

The installation will take visitors on an experiential slime-filled adventure throughout a unique 20,000 square-foot space that features an array of Insta-worthy, slime-tastic moments for kids of all ages.

“Our iconic slime is the ultimate symbol of free-spirited mess and the physical embodiment of the fun and irreverent spirit of Nickelodeon,” said Sharon Cohen, Executive Vice President of The Nick Experience. “We are excited to bring Slime City to Atlanta to offer this brand-new way for kids and families to interact with our signature slime through a dynamic space for a fun-filled summer.”

The "Nickelodeon Slime City" experience will feature eight unique, themed spaces designed to let visitors interact with slime in various ways including:

Slime HQ 

Spin wheels, turn levers and touch slime to keep the gallons of green goodness pumping through the pipes and tubes.

Great Wall of Slime

Visitors are invited to leave their mark and make an impression on the giant pin wall to create awesome slime shapes and silhouettes.

Slime-Tennial Park

Paying homage to Atlanta’s famous Centennial Olympic Park, visitors can take a spin or a swing on an exciting slime-inspired playground.

Slime Bubble-Torium

In this slime bubble-filled world, guests can burst goopy green bubbles.

Slime Central

It’s slime time, where visitors receive Nickelodeon’s ultimate honor of being slimed.

Tickets are available on, where visitors can also sign up for Slime City updates. ickets can be purchased at a discounted rate. Tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate from May 16 to June 14, only.


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