ATLANTA -- They are two of the stars in the hit NBC show Marlon and now they’re gearing up for Season 2! A lot is changing in the show so 11Alive pried for a little more information,

Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, and Bresha Webb are back for Season 2 in the show inspired by the real life of Marlon Wayans who tries to balance the life of an internet superstar, a father, and a divorcee.

Season one was all about the boys but rumors suggest season two will see more the big sisters.

“We see the real sisters of Marlen that come on the show that aren’t playing his sisters,” Essence Atkins said.

“So now in the second season we're talking about her going out and dating more,” Breesha Webb said.

Atkins plays the ex-wife of Marlon whose bestie is played by Webb. And she isn’t exactly Marlon's biggest fan. The duo said this season, their characters let their hair down while showing a new take on the new family dynamic – and it all goes down live.

“Marlon really wanted to have a live studio audience because he wanted to know if the jokes work,” Atkins said. “Not just in his head or in the editing room but if they worked in front of an audience as they heard it. So, we write edit and improv right there on the spot in front of the audience.”

“And you see the scene go so many different ways,” Webb added.

They also said they’ll tackle social and racial issues with a bit of humor. Catch it Thursday on NBC at 9 p.m.