ATLANTA — It’s the new hit medical drama series that everyone loves,”a show based on a the real life story of the untold stories of doctors and patients at New York City’s Bellview Hospital.

"New Amsterdam" is a show based on compassion and love for patients and not the money.

Well, this past weekend, some of the cast members stopped by Grady Hospital where residents and doctors alike were stunned and happy to see them.

Jocko Simms and Anupam Kher play doctors on the medical drama series, but this weekend art met life when the duo surprised some unsuspecting doctors and resident.

“Whenever we visit the hospital it’s fantastic to see how much of the things that are on our set that are real in person, but what’s really rewarding is when we hear people in the hospital so they are inspired by our message on our show so that makes it all worth,” Simms said.

“The show has generated a lot of compassion and it’s a show about love, warmth and compassionate people,” Kher added.

Now renewed for a second season, the show is based on a book written by a medical director who shares real-life experiences as he fights against bureaucracy at a New York City hospital, all for the sake of his patients.

The show’s mantra is “How can I help”, a theme that resonates with those in the medical field especially those at Grady.

“It’s very humbling to come and meet these wonderful people doing great work. Grady was established in 1982 and there is so much work that has been done by these people and I’m very happy and fortunate to be a part of this show,” Simms said.

You can catch new episodes of ‘New Amsterdam’ comes on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.


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