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Pinewood Atlanta expanding studios with $16.5 million investment

All but $3 million of that $16.5 million was raised right here in Georgia.

ATLANTA — One of the largest studios in Georgia is expanding its roots in the state.

Pinewood Atlanta announced a $16.5 million investment in two entertainment companies that will produce content in Georgia, according to our partners at the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

All but $3 million of that $16.5 million was raised right here in Georgia, and the leader of Pinewood Atlanta calls the investment a growth move for the company that already produces major films for Marvel and Warner Brothers.

The message is they're not going anywhere despite the calls to boycott Georgia over the state’s new heartbeat abortion law, which is being challenged in court, and the possibility of more controversial legislation when lawmakers return to the statehouse.

Georgia will continue to see its share of the action when it comes to the film and television industry and Pinewood Studios is working to make sure it's a large share.

Pinewood President Frank Patterson started his own venture firm, Green Honey, that's set to make multi-million-dollar investments in companies producing content in the state. Sutikki out of Los Angeles and Believe Entertainment Group out of New York are among them.

Parents may have heard of Sutikki-produced "Moon And Me". The company made 50 episodes at Pinewood Atlanta in 2019. The series was co-created and co-produced by the man behind the “Teletubbies.”

Believe Entertainment earned an Academy Award and an Emmy in 2019 for "Kobe Bryant's Dear Basketball".

The two companies will base their productions out of pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County. It doesn’t stop there.

Green Honey plans to raise $60 million this year to invest in three other production companies and entertainment technology firms - all to increase film and TV production in Georgia.

The changes will continue this year with a re-launch of Pinewood Atlanta under a new name sometime in the middle of 2020.

Pinewood also says it will work to increase the number of entertainment-related companies from the 49 already located at its studios.

Their CEO saying he believes in Georgia and in the film industry.


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