ATLANTA — Producers in Georgia are still plugging away at the upcoming sequel to the 2016 action movie “Suicide Squad."

Project Casting reports crews behind the scenes are looking for background actors to play security techs.

It is currently unknown what the storyline of the sequel will be, but casting directors are looking for men and women to be communication techs in a high-security communication hub.

Actors of all different ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, you must be between the ages 25 to 55.

Filming goes down Jan. 27 through 30.

If you land a role, tell us about it in the A-Scene Facebook group.

We’ve spotted the director James Gunn hanging out with the cast members off set throughout the city of Atlanta.

Poor Calvin’s, which is an Asian fusion restaurant off Piedmont, was the choice for dining for Gunn.

He posted these photos on his Instagram: You can see Michael Rooker, Pom Klementief from "Guardians of the Galaxy," Jennifer Holland and German Actor Flula Borg. No sign of Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis or John Cena.

The A-Scene found out the eatery is a tradition for the crew. We found another photo of actress Jennifer Holland’s page at the same restaurant back in 2016.

Gunn says he goes for the goat cheese. A few weeks prior, the director celebrated actress Jennifer Holland's birthday in town. 

After some fall-inspired festivities that apparently included pumpkin carving, Gunn posted on Instagram: "What better way to celebrate @jenniferlholland’s birthday then playing a little #codenames and #mafia with #TheSuicideSquad and friends at Dastmalchian manor?" Gunn wrote.


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