An officer was seriously hurt when he and other officers were returning from a funeral detail Tuesday. Their motorcycles hit a patch of ice on Kennesaw Due West Road causing them to lose control and crash.

Three officers were injured and taken to the hospital but only one of their injuries were serious, spokesperson Ross Cavitt said. That officer is expected to survive but it is unclear if he will be able to return to duty soon. The other officers were treated and released.

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MORE | 3 officers hurt after motorcycles hit ice patch


On Wednesday, the Cobb County Police Department released the officers' names and department photos.

Officers Bullis, a 5-year police veteran, and Kynard, a 17-year police veteran, received relatively minor injuries and were home following a brief hospital visit. Sgt. Garrett, an 18-year police veteran, was far more seriously injured, suffering multiple fractures.

Though he is home now, officials said he will require far more medical intervention.

"It's my understanding he was banged up quite a bit. He had some broken bones, a lot of bruises and contusions. He was rushed to Kennesaw hospital where he was stabilized pretty quickly," Cavitt said.

"It's going to take a while before he gets back on the motorcycle but he's expected to be okay."


After the crash, officials began to investigate the source of the water because it had not recently rained. Cavitt said a small water main break was to blame. According to him, no one was aware of the the break at the time.

The break was a slow leak on the service line leading to a house on Kennesaw Due West. Water eventually made its way out of the ground onto the road, forming a big patch of ice. Temperatures were below freezing for several hours Monday and into Tuesday allowing the water to freeze.

cobb ice 16x9_1514934662708.png.jpg

The county said the break came from the homeowner's land so they were responsible for the repair.

Crews came out, scraped the ice and put salt and gravel on the road.


Cobb said they hadn't had any reports of icy road conditions but said in these low temperatures, black icy can form quickly. He said this one caught the officers by surprise.

If you see an icy path, "Call them in immediately because they can't become very dangerous very quickly in this kind of weather....(crews) can get out there very quickly and treat them so if you see anything like it, even if you think people have called it in, call it in just to be safe," Cavitt said.

You can dial 511 to report ice on the roads and any other road hazards.