ATLANTA — Communities are coming together with creative ways to celebrate and connect like never before during the coronavirus quarantine.

And while social distancing is keeping us safe at home, social media is reminding us that many people are talented on social media.

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media apps right now. The user experience allows people to create content in the form of creative videos.

Over the past few weeks more and more people have been sharing their very own music video, including our Morning Rush ATL crew.

Here’s a look at some popular Tik Tok accounts in Atlanta:

The Stovers

This daddy-daughter duo are keeping each other entertained throughout it all. From dancing at the gym to reancting skits, The Stovers are becoming popular on the app.

Riley Buruss

The daughter of Atlanta music icon Kandi Buruss is becoming Tik Tok gold.  Riley keeps us entertained by inviting her famous family and friends in her videos. Most recently, she and her family have been dancing to several songs during the quarantine.


Asha Kosh

With over 50,000 followers, Asha Kosh is one of the top users in the metro Atlanta that are  on Tik Tok, a rep tells 11Alive. Asha frequently posts content on the video app including popular dance challenges, skits, and selfie videos.


If you’re looking for laughs, Tik Tok user @ifys is making a lot of people laugh. With over 1 million followers, you can guarantee that Ifys is adding a comical spin on pop culture, celebrity look alikes, and social media trends.


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