DICKINSON, Texas -- When you think about what you'll be doing when you get into your 90s, most of you probably hope to be relaxing and enjoying retirement.

But not one 91-year-old man in Dickinson. He's patrolling the streets, getting to know neighbors and keeping the city safe.

"We are the ears and the eyes, the additional ears and eyes for the police department," said G.J Micheletti, who goes by Mitch. "There's just really no telling in what you're going to run across."

Micheletti is paired with Paul Lobit, as he has been for the last four years, both working for Dickinson's Citizens on Patrol program.

They're trained not to jump into action, but instead, to be on the lookout at certain shopping centers as well as in certain neighborhoods, making contacts and forging friendships wherever they go.

Micheletti was working a retirement job at a bank in Galveston but came to this when the program launched in 2000.

He says he gets immense "satisfaction" out of this.

"Personal satisfaction," Micheletti said. "I feel like I'm contributing my time. I don't think I deserve any praise or credit for it. I just think it's contributing to the community."

Lobit is 77 and enjoys the three times a month he's on patrol with Mitch.

"We enjoy being together. This time is precious times as far as we're concerned. It's something we enjoy doing," Lobit said.

These two spend about six hours out in the field patrolling for suspicious behavior each time they work together. Mitch has logged nearly 800 volunteer hours since he started.

If things get hairy, they have a radio in their patrol unit, and they can call dispatch at a moment's notice.

Mitch turns 92 in June.