An adorable photo of two lovebirds announcing their engagement has gone viral and the couple in it have become stars.

Like all newly-engaged couples, Murphy Wilson and Lucinda Myers look over the moon with happiness -- but it’s their ages that sets them apart. He’s 70. She’s 67.

Photographer Gianna Snell said that’s not the only thing that makes them special.

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“There were teenage girls, families and young couples who stopped what they were doing to take in this rare glimpse of an older couple whose love was so new that they couldn't take their eyes off of each other,” Snell wrote in her blog. “Their love was magnetic.”

Photos: Adorable engagement photos go viral

Murphy and Lucinda first met at church in Huntsville, Alabama. They sat a row apart every Sunday for three years, but never spoke. Then one day, Lucinda turned around and smiled. Murphy was smitten.

“Man ... she's got this smile. She was very attractive...I just couldn't stop looking at her,” he told Snell.

Another church member teased Lucille about her secret admirer and that’s when she started noticing him too. She wasn’t about to chase after him, but she enjoyed the attention.

"I would make sure I was looking real cute," said Lucinda, with a laugh. "I positioned myself to be where he was so that I made sure that he saw me."

After weeks of stealing glances at one another, they finally started talking, then dating, then quickly falling in love.

"I know this is from the Lord, because I prayed for him," Lucinda told Snell. "I had been asking God to send me someone and Murphy is everything I've ever wanted in a man."

Murphy had also asked God to choose his next wife after his wife of 41 years died in 2013.

Lucinda has also been married before but it ended 30 years ago. As she looks forward to her July wedding, she has advice for other single people.

"Make sure that you continue to do things that make you happy. I didn't need a human being to make me happy...If God hadn't sent Murphy, I'd still be happy doing what I loved to do, but now that he's in my life, he is the icing on the cake!"

Snell believes there’s another reason everyone has fallen in love with her photos and the couple in them.

“Because it gives so many hope that they should never give up on their dream of finding love. It shows us that new love is not just for the the young, but for the seasoned. It reveals that it’s never too late to believe that you will smile again, dance again, love again.”

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