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'I'm still shocked' | Mom describes surprise birth of son in Dunwoody hotel

Victoya Venise thought her son was due in two months and gave birth while she was on a business trip.

DUNWOODY, Ga. — A woman who was on a business trip in Georgia said the birth of her son was no April Fool's joke. She recounts the quick delivery that happened Friday as she was using the restroom of her Dunwoody hotel stay.

Vicotya Venise thought she knew what to expect while she was expecting the birth of her second child. 

Venise thought she initially had a stomach bug and didn't think the discomfort was her baby.

"I had just came back from urgent care with my daughter. And she had a stomach bug," she said. "By the time I realized it was a baby and not poop, it was just too late."

Venise was using the bathroom when she gave birth, she said. 

She called her mother and emergency services after it happened and was taken to Northside Hospital, just a few minutes away from where she was staying. 

Venise said doctors were just as surprised as she was when they were notified of her delivery. 

"They actually thought my due date was May 15 because I was so small. So that was kind of the conflict with them. They thought I was not as far as long," she said.

One day later, mom and baby were back at the hotel but only one was resting.

Venise is a graphic designer and social media manager. She was finishing up a few projects as baby Rocky Andrew enjoyed his first day by his sister's side. Her new bundle of joy was tucked safely beside Venise.

The mother said she plans to take some time off when she's finished with her current projects. She also has plans to move back to Atlanta to be closer to her mom.

The birth of baby Rocky has changed things for Venise who said she was initially considering putting the baby up for adoption. The circumstances surrounding his birth, have changed that for her, she says.

"I feel so connected to him even more," she said. 

Venis looked at her son and daughter endearingly, holding her newborn close.

"No, you're mine, I'm going to take care of you," she said to her child. "If I could literally bring you into the world by myself, I think I could take care of you."

The mother said to mark the occasion, her special delivery has an equally special name. 

"Rocky is a nickname that was given to my grandfather," she said. "And I just thought that it was kind of so befitting because it was like you had a rocky start, but you're going to be strong and you're a fighter."

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