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Sasquatch isn't first bizarre thing to appear on Sherman Pass camera

A Sasquatch sighting was caught on a traffic camera on Sherman Pass this week. But it's not the first time something strange has popped up in the area.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Social media is abuzz after the Washington State Department of Transportation shared photos and videos of possible Sasquatch sightings in the Cascade mountains. 

Photos tweeted by WSDOT on Wednesday show what might be Bigfoot on Sherman Pass.

The sighting was caught by a traffic camera pointed toward State Route 20 on Sherman Pass on Wednesday, and shows what appears to be a Sasquatch-like figure near a tree. 

On Thursday, WSDOT said on Twitter that it appears Bigfoot is making the rounds across mountain passes, with another sighting on the I-90 wildlife crossing near Snoqualmie Pass. 

As it turns out, Sasquatch is not the first bizarre thing to pop up on the Sherman Pass traffic camera specifically. 

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Ryan Overton, communications director for WSDOT East, said strange things have been happening in front of that camera for the past 15 years.

Some of the bizarre things to pop up in front of the camera are an inflatable alien doll that moved positions several times and a Christmas tree with battery-powered lights, Overton said.

Overton suspects that someone living in an area near Sherman Pass, like Republic, Colville or Kettle Falls, has been having some fun with the camera. He added that it's about a 100-foot hike to the area where the traffic camera is situated.

There is a quarterly check of the cameras in February and Overton says he will be sure to investigate when he is there. 

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