One of the most searched stories on Google has a lot of people talking.

There's one problem: It's fake.

The story in question details an Atlanta police officer killing a mother while breastfeeding her child in Marietta.

As points out, the article was altered from a National Report--a fake news site--which reported the same false incident occurring back in 2014, then involving an NYPD officer.

According to Snopes, the article was recycled by the Baltimore Gazette, an "established fake news site," earlier this month. The new version changed the location from New York to Atlanta. It also changed the mother's name and killed the mother instead of the child.

When reached for comment on the fake story, Atlanta Police Department told 11Alive the story was "patently false and irresponsible.

We are aware. It is reprehensible that someone would distribute such an incredibly false story. We encourage everyone to do their due diligence and not believe everything they read on the Internet.

In a statement the department said, "This manufactured story in no way represents the City of Atlanta or the honorable men and women who serve its citizens. The City is currently examining all of its legal options related to this defamatory story."