ROSWELL, Ga. — A Roswell man can finally rest a little easier after a giant 42-inch snake that had been terrorizing his Golden Retrievers off and on was finally killed.

Greg Vojnovic shared a photo with 11Alive of the giant Copperhead, which he said had bitten his two Golden Retrievers - both while they were puppies - on four occasions over the past year.

He said he had to finish killing it even after a construction worker at his neighbor's house "neutralized" it with a 2-by-4.

Big Copperhead Snake Roswell
Greg Vojnovic

"The snake was very hard to kill," he said in an email. "An hour later when I went to measure him I discovered he was still very active and completed the process."

He said his son's youngest puppy was most recently bitten twice in a three month period.

"Goldens are very curious and copperheads are unique amongst snakes in that they stand their ground and defend turf," he said.

Vojnovic had once thought the area was clear of copperheads. He said he's lived on his three-acre property for 20 years, and figured he hadn't seen a copperhead for about 15 years.

He described an "extremely active wildlife habitat" in his area with "top predators like red-tailed hawks and great horned owls" that usually control the copperhead population.

This snake, however, "looks like he's been getting past everyone for a long time," he said.

Everyone except, finally, a very helpful construction worker.


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