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If a pet makes noise for more than 10 minutes, owners could face concequences - if this ordinance passes

The ordinance wants to limit the persistence noise limit from 20 minutes down to 10.

ATLANTA — Update: Atlanta City Council passed the nuisance animal ordinance with a vote of 9-1 Monday.

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Neighbors who believe they live next to a loud pet might be able to use a city ordinance more often - if an amendment passes.

Atlanta City councilmember Dustin Hills has proposed a change to the Nuisance Animal Ordinance.

In the interest of public safety and "to provide for the more reasonable and efficient enforcement" of the ordinance, Hills is asking the council to consider reducing the amount of time in which an animal must persistently make noise. Currently, the ordinance requires an animal to continuously make noise for at least 20 minutes to be considered a nuisance. The proposal suggests lowering that limit to 10 minutes.

"It shall be unlawful for the owner, or any person having temporary custody or control of an animal or animals to allow or fail to restrain the animal(s)" from making noise specific to its species for the shortened time period, according to the ordinance. Animal owners who violate the ordinance could be cited under city codes.

The Atlanta City Council is expected to vote on the amendment Monday.


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