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Florida beekeeper discovers, removes 7-foot beehive behind bathroom tile

A beekeeper says she removed 100 pounds of honey.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Bee-careful out there!

A local beekeeper said she recently removed a towering beehive that lurked just behind the bathroom tile of a home in St. Petersburg.

Elisha Bixler says homeowners from Shore Acres called her to help relocate honeybees from their bathroom. She says, after removing all the tile, she discovered a 7-foot tall beehive was beneath.

All the bees and honeycombs were safely removed from the shower wall, according to Bixler. In total, she says she removed around 100 pounds of honey.

The hive has been relocated to one of Bixler's apiaries in St. Petersburg where she says she can take care of them. 

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