ROSWELL, Ga. -- Large but stealthy, a strange creature was captured on a Roswell security camera, Saturday, lurking through the wilds of suburbia. But what exactly was this lumbering animal?

11Alive shared the video of this nocturnal traveler with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to see if they could shed light on a neighborhood conundrum. Now, we may finally have an answer.

"It is a housecat," Tina Johannsen, Ph.D. said.


Johannsen is the program operations manager for game management in the Wildlife Resources Division. She examined the video to see what she could find. And it turns out the wild creature in the video isn't all that... well... wild.

"You can see the stripes on its back and tail in one frame," Johannsen said. "It appears to be about eh same height as the little landscape light in the middle time frames."

The "clincher," she said, was the white feet seen in a portion of the video.

"Maine Coon is a solid guess based on size, colors and puffy tail," Johannsen said.

For the cryptozoologists out there a little disappointed by the answer, keep one thing in mind: The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed in the world and commonly weighs up to 18 pounds - though out-of-shape cats in this breed can get a good bit heavier.

Either way, that's definitely big for a house cat.