ATLANTA — A stranded Atlantic bottlenose dolphin is safe and on her way to recovery, thanks in-part to a veterinarian from the Georgia Aquarium.

The dolphin was rescued off the coast of Florida after escaping a shark attack and being left stranded.

The local aquarium's conservation field station helped get the dolphin to safety at SeaWorld Orlando, where it's now getting 24-hour care. Caregivers are hoping to get it back to full health, then release it back to the ocean.

SeaWorld representatives said based on the dolphin's shark bite wounds, and also how thin she is, she's still considered to be in critical condition.

"The next few days and how she responds to treatment will really give us a sense of how she's progressing and what her final prognosis will be," a keeper said.

SeaWorld Orlando said the dolphin has been able to swim on its own at the group's rehab facility. They hope to get it back to full health, then release it into the ocean.