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Fulton County commissioners approve new $30 million animal shelter

The vote on Wednesday was unanimous.

ATLANTA — Relief is soon coming to the animals of Fulton County.

On Wednesday, commissioners unanimously approved a new shelter - that could cost upwards of $30 million, to relieve the overcrowding issue. 

Several advocates spoke in favor of the shelter prior to the vote. When the existing shelter was built, it was designed to house 80 dogs. Today, nearly 400 are being sheltered at the facility. 

Last year, the county allocated $500,000 to figure out if they could build a new shelter and where it would go. 

"This vote is so important because it's really the conclusion to the past years of efforts and decades of need at this point," Fulton County Animal Advocate Co-Founder Anastasia Fussell said earlier this week. 

"With a new shelter, I think more dogs would get adopted. The conditions would be much more sanitary, people would come in to volunteer and get educated," Co-Founder Laurel-Ann Dooley added. 

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