LITHONIA, Ga. — A dog in poor condition who looked to be starving was found tied to a tree in DeKalb County. Now, police are searching for its owner.

The emaciated dog was found abandoned and tied to a tree near the Arabian Mountain Nature Center in Lithonia on March 10. Police are currently trying to find the owner.

Emaciated dog found abandoned in Lithonia
Police are searching for the owner of an emaciated dog found tied to a tree and abandoned in a Lithonia park.
DeKalb County Police Dept.

The dog is severely underweight, to the point that its bones are showing sharply through its coat.

It was taken to LifeLine Animal Project in Chamblee where the group is working to bring the dog up to a healthy weight. 

Emaciated dog found in Lithonia
Police in DeKalb County are searching for the owner of this dog, who was found emaciated and abandoned near Lithonia.
DeKalb County Police Department

Anyone with information about the dog or its owner is asked to contact the DeKalb County Police Animal Cruelty Unit at 404-294-2645.

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