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Three dogs stolen in PAWS Atlanta rescue shelter break-in, and one found

A Yorkshire terrier and two pit bull mixes were taken from the DeKalb County shelter early Friday morning.

ATLANTA — Update: One dog was found late on Friday after being posted on the Nextdoor app. A donor is offering $1,000 per dog or information leading to their rescue, according to PAWS Atlanta Rescue Shelter. 

A DeKalb County rescue shelter reported a break-in early Friday morning and said three dogs had been stolen from the facility.

According to PAWS Atlanta, two buildings were broken into around 2:30 a.m. by a man who avoided being filmed directly on their security cameras, leading them to believe he was familiar with the facility to the point of knowing where they'd be.

He was described as tall and thin and was wearing a dark collared jacket. PAWS Atlanta is asking for the three dogs to be returned.

The shelter said the man "was caught on film walking through the parking lot" and then "broke into our dog intake building and removed four dogs from their kennels."

One of the dogs was dropped during his escape, the shelter said, but he made off with the other three. They also said he also tried to steal supplies when he attempted to break into the second building.

The three dogs stolen are:

  • Emilia, a five-month-old pit bull mix with white and brown spots around both eyes
  • Princeton, a three-year-old brown and black Yorkshire terrier 
  • Violet, a five-month-old pit bull mix with one brown spot around the right eye
Credit: Paws Atlanta

Princeton was surrendered to the shelter by a previous owner and the shelter had been looking for a "soft place to land" for the dog.

Emilia and Violet were left in the PAWS Atlanta parking lot a few weeks ago, the shelter said, and at the time were "sick, scared, and undernourished."

 "A great deal of love and care has gone into helping them grow and thrive for their future forever home," PAWS Atlanta said. "We’re devastated that these animals we care for so deeply were taken."

The shelter said it just wants the dogs returned safely, even if done so anonymously.

"Please be on the lookout for Emilia, Violet, and Princeton on Craigslist, NextDoor, Facebook, and out in your community. If you see them, please contact the police and PAWS Atlanta (770-593-1155) immediately," the shelter said.


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