ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Some metro Atlanta residents found themselves in an a-moo-sing situation when the farm suddenly found its way into their own backyards.

Jim Canouse walked out of his Eversedge Court home, Thursday afternoon, to find several farm animals nibbling hedges and munching hay from Halloween decorations off a front lawn. He shot video of the gaggle and shared it with 11Alive.

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In them, you can see a cow, several goats, a donkey and a pig moseying through the street and rooting through plants.

The residents called police to help wrangle the animals, and both Milton and Alpharetta officers responded. Police said once they got the cow "the rest just kinda followed."

According to Alpharetta Police, the animals escaped from a 10-acre lot behind Canouse's home. Officers escorted them back across a bridge to their home on Bethany Bend.