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Meet Casper: Zoo Atlanta's new antelope

Casper is a 1-year-old male bontebok, one of the rarest antelopes in South Africa.
Credit: Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA — Zoo Atlanta has welcomed its newest member to the zoo: Casper. 

Casper hailed from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio and will now call Zoo Atlanta's African Savanna home. He's a 1-year-old male bontebok, one of the rarest antelopes in South Africa. 

Bonteboks are medium-sized antelopes and can weigh up to 175 pounds. They are mostly dark brown with white markings on the center of their faces. Both males and females have horns that can grow up to 18-inches long, according to Zoo Atlanta. 

The zoo said Casper will soon explore his new surroundings and will be introduced to giraffes, zebras and ostriches, who will share his mixed-species habitat. These introductions will take place slowly with one species at a time in the coming weeks, so Casper's visibility in the habitat may be subject to change, Zoo Atlanta said. 

“We are very excited to welcome Casper to Zoo Atlanta. This is a beautiful species many people have never heard of, with a story most people have likewise never heard,” Vice President of Collections and Conservation Jennifer Mickelberg said. “We look forward to introducing our Members and guests to this wonderful new addition to the already majestic complement of wildlife in our African Savanna.”

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