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Nick Cannon shares in tearful message that his youngest son has died

Tears ran down his face as Nick Cannon described the moments he held his baby boy for the last time.

ATLANTA — After a battle with brain cancer, Nick Cannon's 5-month-old son has died. The multifaceted superstar announced the devastating news on his daytime television show on Tuesday. Clips from the show were also posted on social media.

Zen, who came into the world on June 23 of this year, died over the weekend. Cannon said shortly after Zen was born, he and Zen's mother, Alyssa Scott, noticed the jubilant baby boy had a large head and some sort of "sinus" or breathing issue. By the time he was two months old, Cannon said the parents took Zen for a routine checkup, asking medical professionals about concerns they had regarding their son's health. Cannon revealed Zen's sinuses were fine, but they received unexpected news instead. 

"We found out he has another condition," Cannon said.

Fluid was building up in Zen's head, causing it to grow noticeably larger. Doctors told Cannon the baby had a malignant tumor.

"Immediately, we had to have surgery. It was brain surgery. We put a shunt in his head and we were hoping for the best," he told the audience.

The shunt was intended to drain the fluid from Zen's head, according to Cannon. However, despite his parent's hopefulness and doctors' efforts, Zen's heath took a turn on Thanksgiving day, Cannon said.

"It was cancer in the brain. The tumor began to grow a lot faster," he said, struggling to say the words.

Cannon said he took a flight to try and spend the most quality time with his son before it was too late.

"Holding my son for the last time," Cannon said as tears rolled from his eyes. 

Cannon dedicated Tuesday's show to his baby boy. He also thanked the doctors at Children's Healthcare of Orange County for their efforts, and extended words of comfort for people who have "experienced the kid of pain and grief" he is going through.

Cannon has referred to Atlanta as his "second home," previously telling Atlanta Magazine he frequents the city for work and fun and has been doing so since the 1990s.