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4-year-old donates birthday gifts to foster children for his own birthday

What a big heart at such a young age!
Credit: Vinnie Vinzetta
Four Year Old Greyson Held His Birthday Party For Foster Kids

SAN ANTONIO — Four year old Greyson had a birthday party in July, but it wasn't standard summer kiddo celebration. His was just a little bit different. A little more special you might say. 

'I asked him you can either get lots of presents, or we can give presents to kids who might not get as many, and he was totally up for the idea', said Kelsey Taylor, Greyson's mom. 'He thought it was really fun. He helped us pick out the toys, and when people brought in gifts for the donations he helped put them down, and then he just had fun with his friends that day, so it worked out really well', she added. 

So, the birthday party of different sorts was planned and went off without any hitch. 

'He was really excited. He thought it was really cool. He was asking if kids don't have toys. I told him, yah, some kids don't have all this stuff', Kelsey said. 'His whole room is basically a play room, so the thought that kids don't have that he was like, kids need toys', she added.

Credit: Vinnie Vinzetta
Four Year Old Greyson Held His Birthday Party For Foster Kids

And so we asked Greyson about what he and his mother were doing for others. What did you do with all your birthday gifts this year? 'Gave them to foster kids', he said. Why did you do that? 'Because I like it', he added. 'All kinds of gifts', he said. What all kinds of gifts we asked? 'Football and a soccer ball', he said. 

'People that came to his party brought bags full of stuff, and we also put it on the 'Next Door' app', said Kelsey. 'My mom said that if anyone had any duffel bags because we know lots of (foster) kids just carry their stuff in bags, if people would just drop them at our doorstep. 

People bought new ones and ordered them. People sent Amazon orders to our house. Just so many people wanted to give, and thought it was cool, so that was really nice', she added.

The birthday was wonderful as whatever was brought to the party was donated to foster kids in need. 

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