Maggie Katie Brown Kidd is no stranger to life's milestones and, on Saturday, this amazing woman cleared yet another.

Georgia's oldest living person - and the 10th oldest person in the world - turned 114 years old. The Clayton County resident is also the oldest living African American living in the United States.

Born on a farm in Stephens, Georgia, Kidd's official date of birth, sanctioned by the Social Security Administration, is Dec. 8, 1904. 

To honor her birthday, the Baylor College of Medicine - Huffington Center on Aging recently acknowledged Kidd's status as one of the world's oldest people. She also got a birthday cake to mark the special moment.

Back in 2016, the supercentenarian’s history-making titles were documented by Dr. Robert Rouse, associate professor of geriatrics at the Geriatrics Education Center on Aging at Baylor College of Aging in Texas, and by author Doris Wilson and photographer Peter Cole, who are currently collaborating on a book about African American Centenarians—featuring Kidd.

It's not Kidd's first time in the news either. During her 112th birthday celebration, Kidd told 11Alive what her secret to long life is - God and unconditional love. She also said she wasn't opposed to dating.