It’s never too late to see your dreams come true.

That’s what a longtime Georgian found out thanks to a big surprise from a big airline.

Clem Ferguson is 96 and her nursing facility room would seem to fit her age with its toys, old photos and cards. And then there’s the wings.

It’s not Halloween. And while it is April Fools’ Day, this was no joke – not for one of six sisters from Crawford, Ga.

“When I was young, living in the country I thought it was fabulous to be a flight attendant,” Clem said.

Clem went on to fulfill a different dream when she married a faithful Georgian named Delmer.

“We had good times; 46 years,” she said. “He was a church man; he believed in church work.”

Nearly two decades ago, Delmer passed away. Clem developed paralysis and can no longer walk.

But in March, staff at her Christian City facility began a quarterly project to fulfill the dreams of its residents.

Clem was ready to fly.

Delta Airlines agreed to speed this senior through the necessary training to become an honorary flight attendant – from life vest inflation to emergency evacuation.

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And they had a certificate with her name on it after it was all said and done.

But ask Clem her favorite part and it’s none of that.

“So many smiling faces; everybody looked happy,” Clem said. “They were doing like they were making my day.”

For Clem, it remains a perfect fit – wings near her heart.

Those wings and that day, for Clem, are unforgettable. And it’s a day that meant a lot to her.

“Everything,” she said. “Still does.”

The next big day will be in a few weeks. That’s when Clem receives a new pin of Delta wings – this one engraved with her name.