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Senior Source: Be alert for financial scams

Seniors should be alert for financial scams that can trick you.

ATLANTA — A caution for seniors!!  There are many financial scams out there to trick you out of your money.

If you get a call from Social Security or the IRS, hang up.  It’s a scam.

Or, if Microsoft calls to fix a computer virus, or if you get a letter or call that you’ve won the lottery, hang up!

Never give out your Social Security number or bank information over the phone, ever.

If you suspect a scammer has called you, contact your local police department.


Information on financial scams from the Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division:

Go to: www.consumer.ga.gov or call 404-651-8600

Details on top scams targeting seniors in health care; medicines; health insurance fraud; counterfeit prescription drugs; funeral and cemetery scams; email phishing scams; investment schemes; homeowner reverse mortgage scams; sweepstakes and lottery scams; fraudulent anti-aging products; telemarketing scams; internet fraud.

Go to: http://consumer.georgia.gov/scams-and-tips/top-10-scams-targeting-seniors


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