Atlanta, Georgia — ATLANTA — For seniors living alone, get connected for emergencies to "SMART 911."

If you live in Metro Atlanta, there is a good chance your 911 Dispatch Operator can either put all of your vital information in the 911 Data Base or can instruct you on how to do it. And best of all, it's free.

It allows instant 911 response without your having to provide any further information. It can include your address, telephone number and important medical needs.

Cobb County has partnered with the technology to provide the service to its residents.

Go online to and put in your zip code, then register as directed.


Other important tips for seniors living alone:

  • Have a neighbor check in with you at least twice a day.
  • Test your Smoke and CO2 alarms regularly.
  • Consider having a medical alert device that can signal for instant help.