It's the holiday season.

Its a time when fun, festivities and shopping can hide the motives of scammers out to rob you and steal your holiday.

Be careful.

Here are some tips to stay safe:

*Check out all websites carefully.  Some can be fakes but they look like the real thing.

*Watch for phony charities.

*Keep an eye out for free gift cards that ask for your identification and personal information.

*Pay attention to e-cards (electronic cards) that arrive by email, but can have malicious software built in to foul up or disable your computer.

*Be extra alert for phone calls that tell you a grandchild has been injured in an accident and you must send cash immediately.

*And watch for holiday travel deals that are too good to be true--most if not all are fakes.

Have a joyous holiday with your families and friends and keep your money in your wallet.

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