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Seniors, enjoy the holidays but plan welfare and legacy

Prepare legal documents to ensure your wishes are carried out. Don't let courts do it for you.

ATLANTA — For seniors, the holidays are a time of joy but also a time to review and plan for your welfare and your legacy. Don't delay the process, which would lead to the courts figuring it out for you.

Below is a list of important documents to have:

  • A will -- to make sure your wishes are carried out as to who gets what, like your valuables, your money, your personal keepsakes and your inheritance.
  • A living will -- to spell out your medical wishes.
  • powers of attorney -- so your designates can look after your health and finances

There are resources available on line to guide you through the process.

The AARP has financial and legal tips. The National Institute on Aging has helpful information on getting your affairs in order and how to prepare your legal documents for the future. The Georgia Council on Aging also has a resource guide. Also, be sure to check out the checklist of important legal documents.

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