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This fitness instructor is turning 105

“Keep moving and you'll keep moving. Otherwise you'll be a vegetable. It helps me every day.”

PALMETTO, Georgia — A Georgia woman is celebrating her 105th birthday by leading an exercise class.

While that may sound incredible, it’s what Neva Peacock does almost ever day. She runs through the same 33 exercises six days a week.  

There are no rest breaks Peacock's workout class. She's been teaching the class at Palmetto Park Baptist Manor Retirement Community since 2005, when the last instructor passed away.  She has a dedicating following of students who always show up for her class at 9 a.m.

“They act like they like it, and I hope they do,” she said.

They start each class with a song, and then jump right in to the moves.

Peacock doesn't have any fancy tips or tricks for staying healthy, she just follows the doctor's orders.

“Keep moving and you'll keep moving,” she said. “Otherwise you'll be a vegetable. It helps me every day.”

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Peacock has become somewhat of a celebrity around campus because of her class. Executive Director Matthew Galyon even uses it as a selling point for new residents.

“I always mention the exercise class and who leads it, and everyone is always amazed,” Galyon said.

The students who take her class are equally as impressed.

But Peacock doesn't think it's inspirational; she was never a big athlete. She rode her bike around town, and swam during the summers.

“I never was a ball player or anything like that,” she said.

She just knew she liked to move.

The biggest change in staying healthy that she's seen is that now people can use their phones to work out. When she was born in 1914, they had to go to a telephone station to make a call.

“Our number was 101, our relative’s number was 198,” she said.

As long as people like it, Peacock doesn't care if people use their phone or a group class to exercise. For her, it's the community that's kept her strong.

“I just had loving people around me all the time,” she said.

She loves what she does, and told me she plans to keep teaching until she's not here anymore.

Peacock’s 105th birthday is Wednesday. She has no special plans – just the same 33 exercises they do every day.


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