ROSWELL, Ga. — Country: Honduras

Dish: Baleada 

Location: Roswell

Stop: #12

New opportunities enticed Rosa Cardoma to move to metro Atlanta. Now the metro is home, and Cafeteria Tia Roseta the Honduran haven where customers can enjoy authentic flavors of her native country. 

“How does this dish represent Honduras?” 

"It's the most common dish everywhere," Cardoma said. The traditional baleada, an option offered on Cafeteria Tia Roseta's menu, is a flour tortilla with refried beans, cheese and sour cream, while At the Table ATL enjoyed the 'baleada completa,' prepared with beef, cheese, beans, eggs, and avocado,

"For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, they sell it everywhere," she said.

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?” 

"Here there were more opportunities than where I first went. There was much more work," Cardoma explained. "It’s where I formed my family, my life"

"I really like Atlanta," she said. "I really like it."