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Love milkshakes? Try this twist

“I remember when I was little, I always begged my dad to bring me downstairs and get me a red bean fleecy."

Country: Hong Kong 

Dish: Red bean fleecy

Location: Doraville

Stop #34

With rising temps comes the craving to chill with a cool treat in hand. So if you're a lover of milkshakes, this Doraville restaurant has a twist to try.

"AKA Hong Kong milkshake,” Harry Lee, owner of Sweet Spot Dessert Atlanta, explained.

Sweet Spot Dessert offers Asian fusion treats with roots in Hong Kong culture, and for Lee, it's the red bean fleecy that hits closest to home.  

“I remember when I was little, I always begged my dad to bring me downstairs and get me a red bean fleecy," Lee said. "And he would just hold my hand and bring me to some street market and get one of those.”

“How does this dish represent Hong Kong?” 

“If you were born in Hong Kong...99% of you have tasted this drink before.” Lee said. “You have red bean, which is really an Eastern thing, and then the milkshake, which is a Western thing … it works together really well.”

It's a drink that Lee traces back to his own childhood. 

“It’s just one of the drinks people have had since they were little," he added.

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?” 

“Just like Hong Kong, Atlanta is getting more and more like a diverse place," Lee said. “Just like this drink, you have the Eastern culture, and you have the Western culture, and it all goes together.”

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