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Love waffles? Try a stroopwafel!

Taste the Dutch treat at this Helen, GA shop

HELEN, Ga. — If you love waffles, or trying new treats, in general, here’s a tip. Try the stroopwafel, a Dutch twist of the familiar breakfast item, meant to tastily accompany your warm beverage.

At the Table ATL popped by Windmill Dutch Imports in Helen, GA for the stroopwafel experience, where owner Mary de Groot, explained its Dutch roots.

“This is a stroopwafel … which is made with the honey syrup,” de Groot said. “It’s a waffle, like how people make waffle, but it’s done very finely in little machines.

“In the afternoon we have coffee, a cookie, and a wafel…and we put it on top to warm it up a little bit," de Groot said, "and it makes it taste great!”

“How does this dish represent the Netherlands?”

“You find them on the street with the street vendors with the little carts,” de Groot said. “They make them. You find them everywhere in the Netherlands.”

Despite its popularity in the Netherlands, de Groot said the stroopwafel was reserved for special occasions.

“When we would get a stroopwafel, it would really be something very special. We wouldn’t get a lot of sweets at home because we didn’t have the money,” she said.

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?”

“The heritage, I like to pass on to the other people," de Groot said.

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