Country: Nigeria

Dish: egusi soup and fufu

Location: Marietta 

Stop #45

A tip for Atlanta foodies: If you’re ready to treat yourself to African-Nigerian dishes, head to Marietta. Toyin Takeout has you covered.

The menu consists of traditional Nigerian dishes, but if you’re interested in what most represents the cuisine, owner Toyin Adesayo recommends egusi soup and fufu.

“How does this dish represent Nigeria?”

The somewhat spicy egusi soup is a common food in Nigeria, according to Adesayo, who said Nigerians typically grow their own food rather than going to the market to purchase.

“It’s a soup made of pepper, onions, melon, and vegetables like a spinach,” she said. “You can take it as lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Even American people, they love egusi.”

The accompanying fufu, meanwhile, is made of yam, according to Adesayo.

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?”

For Adesayo, the chance to share a taste of her home country is particularly special.

“It’s a privilege for me,” Adesayo said. “It reminds me of home every day. When you eat this kind of food, you’ll never miss home. You miss your parents, your relatives, your friends … but when you see this food, you’ll never miss home.”

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