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GA Tech lets international students rate Thanksgiving food

What do those from around the world think of our fall feast delicacies?

ATLANTA — Most of us here in the United States take our Thanksgiving food for granted. 

The dishes are tried and true, with each family passing down their own versions of such staples as turkey, dressing (or stuffing if you choose to call it that), cranberries, and even sweet potatoes.

But, what do those around the world think of our fall feast delicacies?

Recently, Georgia Tech reached out to students from Cameroon, Haiti, France, Australia, and Malaysia and gave them the opportunity to try these Thanksgiving staples for the first time.  

Among the dishes tried were turkey and gravy, cornbread dressing (or stuffing), sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. 

The student's surprising, often even funny reactions to these holiday favorites help provide perspective on just how unique many of these classic dishes are.

Find out which ones delight the taste buds of just about everyone from around the world and which might just be favorites on your Thanksgiving table.

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